What's this Website all about? It started as a memorial to my late daughter, Jackie (1968-1987) to connect with others who had lost a child; but there's more life than death here; it’s not a cyberspace-tombstone. If you've lost a child, go to Losing my Daughter and read what we went through & learn about our return to a kind of "normality". If you want to "talk" or share your experience please Contact Me.  Other pages are a mix of opinion, rant, humour, poetry & travel. Some call it a weird mixture. Perhaps it is. Each page stands alone. If it is an incongruous mix, well - so is life! Over there to the right is a link to my Guest Book. Always good to know who’s visiting!   © Lionel Beck - North Yorkshire - UK The Difference between Knowledge & Intelligence Knowledge is knowing that tomatoes are fruit. Intelligence is refraining from adding them to a fruit salad. The Difference between Eroticism & Perversion (with acknowledgments toTory MP Giles Brandreth)  To be erotic you pluck a feather from a duck and waft it around delicately and sensitively on the body of your partner. To be perverse, you use the whole duck. Freedom of Speech in Iran “There is freedom of speech in Iran, but there’s no freedom after you’ve spoken.” - Shappi Khorsandi (Iranian-born comedian) More Quotes .. Rain There are holes in the sky Where the rain gets in. They are ever so small, That’s why rain is thin. - Spike Milligan.
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